Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture!? Ok lets play Bioshock!!!!!

There is only one Rapture I would love to see, and that is in the xbox 360 game. Splicers and Big Daddies roaming the halls while trying to save the little ones sounds lot better then gong outside and seeing no one around, although that might be nice... But I digress, the world is always in peril and most people just sit by and watch. Almost none take the stand and do what is right, and if they do I never get to hear about it. That is whats wrong with todays media and govern hive mind of the American people. Even though we would love to put a cape on and fight injustice and bring the bad guy down we know we won't and continue to kick our own collective asses to survive in this world we call home. I have been on my own for sometime I do see the underside of what has become of my friends after all these years. Either they become the enemy they once sworn they would never become or they evolve into something I would never had guessed. The buddy who was always anti america became GI JOE, the criminal drug dealer became a cop and fight the same shit he use to peddle. The girl who hated the overtone threatened parental unit system she grew up with now having kids and using the same on them. Me? Well I could have strayed to the far left, but I didn't, there is a wonderful woman to thank for it but every time I think about what could have been I know for a fact it would have been bad. I never did the drugs everyone did but I was in with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. The thing is most of us gave up on the dream we had when we where kids. I always wanted to make movies but I found that writing a book gives me the same energy and drive I would have making a film and would love to keep going as long as I can. Never give up on what you want to do most, as long as it doesn't kill you, the future can still be in sight with one hand open and the other in your pocket, just in case.

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