Thursday, January 7, 2016

And here we are again. Hello world the third novel is about to be completed soon.

Monday, January 14, 2013

False interest

Having to sit through a two hour class, bullshit that doesn't deal with my job

Monday, April 23, 2012

Forgotten but not remembered

There still is something bothering me, the forgotten that remain unknown, the legion of lost and the damned without hope continue to find new meaning. I put no blame on anyone, the blood flows and the unwritten becomes law, find me in the fields of the blue when the moon brings in the shadows that forever follow, the circle will never come full due to the harsh waste that is never.
I am still working on the book, and it is turning out pretty good, I am also working on building my office, once the office is completed I can turn my full focus and attention on the novel. It is going to be one hell of a ride. SO an interlude:
Focus without strain will bring me down
Create destroy and bind us without will
Believe in the war within my mind
the blood cascades unto the wall
between paradise and torture find me
remember who you are
no one else will

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Few and Far between, a lesson in forging

So there I was standing over a cliff, the view of a expansive ocean lay upon my eyes as if I am guilty of the most simplistic pleasure, the awe and gaze of the sun gleaming across the blue and into the horizon, then I woke up. I sat in bed wondering what was happening as the transition from dream into reality occurred without even a warning. I still could smell the salt from the air of the dream and almost grasp the sounds of the ocean hitting the bottom of the cliff. This had to be one of the best vivid dreams I have ever had. The one the beats this dream is from the other day. In this dream I found two young men breaking into my house, I contained them in the garage until I could call police, but my father had gotten home and they escaped. I tracked them down to an old farm house with a couple of classic muscle cars outside the barn doors.  When I approached the barn a beautiful woman came out to great me. She thanked me for bringing her brothers home and stared into my eyes for what seemed about 5 minutes. What began as a thank you quickly turned into me remembering this woman. In the dream I knew her from my past, a long lost love in my life I thought I would never see again. She remembered and hugged me as if she was searching for me the entire time. We left the barn and talked about how much we missed one another and what the future now may hold. I walked her back to her house and told her I want to see her again sometime, but she fell into m arms and told me to never let go. One tear fell out of her eye as she peered into mine as if she was searching for what soul I may have left. I began to close in on her and we kissed for the first time in the dream. Everything turned white after that, as I can only imagine what the dream could mean as far as  reality goes and life in general. I think I may use this in my book somehow and incorporate the sci-fi edge the book has into the overall story. Maybe tonight I will dream of something different. I do need a nice war sequence and bloody battle for the book!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where the wind blows cold

I trampled through the day without the notion that everything was turning grey. The point I am making is everyone and everything is on edge, from the twister that killed over 90 people to the reactions of plain bitterness I get from asking around for some help. Strange how people react without looking in your face to see you talking. But that is just the underlining of a more important thought, where will I be 5 or 10 years from now. I do not want to be that bitter person, I want to have my trilogy completed and working on the 4th or 5th novel by that point. You see, the pain and bitterness I get from people around the clock helps me create great scenarios and story telling perspective. Without that pain I get from stress or fowl edicate most of the story I write will be bland and plane. But that is not the only source of inspiration, as we know it comes in the form of smallest things.  I do not have to think of a demise or creation to get m blood flowing, listening to classical music or sound tracks of my favorite movies do the same, I guess the point of all of this is simple, I crawled out from the blackest parts of my history with scars to prove my bloody battle was not for vain, and the victims scrawled upon the walls of the damned led me to find no inner peace, in turn I can write better stories and really plug my mind into the characters and plot like non other I have written before. So I welcome you to the madness that will be the next year of my life, everyday I will post something new about the book and me, if you are lucky I will tell you a secret about me, and maybe, just maybe, we can get through this in one piece.    

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture!? Ok lets play Bioshock!!!!!

There is only one Rapture I would love to see, and that is in the xbox 360 game. Splicers and Big Daddies roaming the halls while trying to save the little ones sounds lot better then gong outside and seeing no one around, although that might be nice... But I digress, the world is always in peril and most people just sit by and watch. Almost none take the stand and do what is right, and if they do I never get to hear about it. That is whats wrong with todays media and govern hive mind of the American people. Even though we would love to put a cape on and fight injustice and bring the bad guy down we know we won't and continue to kick our own collective asses to survive in this world we call home. I have been on my own for sometime I do see the underside of what has become of my friends after all these years. Either they become the enemy they once sworn they would never become or they evolve into something I would never had guessed. The buddy who was always anti america became GI JOE, the criminal drug dealer became a cop and fight the same shit he use to peddle. The girl who hated the overtone threatened parental unit system she grew up with now having kids and using the same on them. Me? Well I could have strayed to the far left, but I didn't, there is a wonderful woman to thank for it but every time I think about what could have been I know for a fact it would have been bad. I never did the drugs everyone did but I was in with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. The thing is most of us gave up on the dream we had when we where kids. I always wanted to make movies but I found that writing a book gives me the same energy and drive I would have making a film and would love to keep going as long as I can. Never give up on what you want to do most, as long as it doesn't kill you, the future can still be in sight with one hand open and the other in your pocket, just in case.