Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Few and Far between, a lesson in forging

So there I was standing over a cliff, the view of a expansive ocean lay upon my eyes as if I am guilty of the most simplistic pleasure, the awe and gaze of the sun gleaming across the blue and into the horizon, then I woke up. I sat in bed wondering what was happening as the transition from dream into reality occurred without even a warning. I still could smell the salt from the air of the dream and almost grasp the sounds of the ocean hitting the bottom of the cliff. This had to be one of the best vivid dreams I have ever had. The one the beats this dream is from the other day. In this dream I found two young men breaking into my house, I contained them in the garage until I could call police, but my father had gotten home and they escaped. I tracked them down to an old farm house with a couple of classic muscle cars outside the barn doors.  When I approached the barn a beautiful woman came out to great me. She thanked me for bringing her brothers home and stared into my eyes for what seemed about 5 minutes. What began as a thank you quickly turned into me remembering this woman. In the dream I knew her from my past, a long lost love in my life I thought I would never see again. She remembered and hugged me as if she was searching for me the entire time. We left the barn and talked about how much we missed one another and what the future now may hold. I walked her back to her house and told her I want to see her again sometime, but she fell into m arms and told me to never let go. One tear fell out of her eye as she peered into mine as if she was searching for what soul I may have left. I began to close in on her and we kissed for the first time in the dream. Everything turned white after that, as I can only imagine what the dream could mean as far as  reality goes and life in general. I think I may use this in my book somehow and incorporate the sci-fi edge the book has into the overall story. Maybe tonight I will dream of something different. I do need a nice war sequence and bloody battle for the book!

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